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Use the Congress.gov search engine to quickly search the text of recent Congressional bills. Search by Word/Phrase "voting" or "elections." Congress.gov makes federal legislative information freely available to the public. It includes:


    The Commission is a resource for information related to federal elections and election procedures that:

    • maintains public records on voting statistics
    • and provides information about elections and voting systems including election dates, voter registration, results of recent elections, and the electoral system in the United States.


    FDsys: GPO's Federal Digital System


    Search the most recent version of the U.S. Code or Title 11 of the Code of Federal Regulations online for federal election law and regulations.


    The Federal Election Commission is an independent regulatory agency established by Congress to:

    • disclose campaign finance information
    • enforce the limits, prohibitions and other provisions of the election law
    • administer the public funding of Presidential elections

    Data on the FEC web site includes Campaign Finance Reports and Data (Electronic Filings, Finance Reports) and Laws and Regulations (Federal Campaign ...


    The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) provides U.S. citizens worldwide with a broad range of nonpartisan information and assistance to facilitate their participation in the democratic process, and is responsible for administering the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.

    Library of Congress


    The Library's American Memory archive presents a highly readable, multimedia overview and firsthand experiences of democracy in action over time. Special sections include:



    The NARA's Office of the Federal Register coordinates the functions of the Electoral College and compiles information and statistics on presidential elections, past and present. Statistics include:


    Since 1920, the Clerk of the House has collected and published infomation about recent elections and historical election statistics. Vote counts for individual election years 1920 through 2012 are available for download in PDF format. The list of nominees for the current Congress is available online. Lists current vacant seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and links to maps of Congressional districts. A table of Congressional apportionment shows the number of representatives apporti ...


    The Census Bureau presents detailed reported voting and registration data, broken down by socioeconomic and demographic factors. Statistics are from Congressional and presidential election years, 1964 to the present. Click on "Population Characteristic (CPS P20) Reports and Detailed Tables" or "Historical C.P.S. Time Series Tables."

    U.S. Senate


    The U.S. Senate's Virtual Reference Desk helps searchers locate information related to the Senate, including Elections.