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Natural Resources and the EnvironmentRSS

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Forestry and Grasslands Resources from USDA

Forestry and Grasslands: Natural Resources and Environment from USDA/National Agriculture Library: a llinked list of forestry and grasslands related websites from NAL.

Forestry Inventory and Analysis Program from USDA/Forest Service: gives information from the ...

Land Resources from USDA

  • State of the Land from USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Group
  • Maps and charts from the Natural Resources Inventory covering crop land, forestland, grazing land, irrigation, land capability, land cover, prime farmland, soil erosion, urbanization, and wetlands.
  • Farmland Information Center from USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • ...
National Agricultural Library Subject Guides


The National Agricultural Library houses one of the largest collections of agricultural information in the world. Library staff have made electronic guides available through their website. Each subject guide is a separate page of links to pages of Federal agencies that publish information about these topics.

Subjects covered are:

Recreation Resources from USDA

Recreation, Heritage, and Volunteer Resources from USDA/Forest Service

One-stop shopping for information about recreation and other activities in National Forests and Grasslands. Includes maps, brochures, information about volunteering, information about obtaining permits, research, regulations, and more.



Science.gov is a gateway to millions of pages of scientific information available through various federal agencies. One search using science.gov will retrieve information published by thirteen government agencies, including results from databases that an ordinary search engine may not find.

Users can also browse websites listed by categories that include agriculture, the e ...

USDA Energy Resources

Energy: Natural Resources and Environment from USDA/National Agriculture Library

A linked list of energy and agriculture related websites from NAL.

Energy Estimators from USDA

A suite of tools designed to help users estimate the energy expended in four agricultural activities: