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CIA Center for the Study of Intelligence


The Center's mission areas include hosting independent research and publish books and monographs on intelligence topics; publishing key documentary collections from the Cold War; conducting oral history projects and monographs on CIA history and the history of intelligence; promoting public understanding of intelligence; providing a forum for practitioners and scholars, making important research w ...

Naval Historical Center


The Naval Historical Center has extensive resources on wars and conflicts fought by the U.S. Navy from the Revolution to the present time. The Center manages the Navy Department Library, twelve Navy museums, art collections, archives, and an underwater archaeology program. The Center prepares and publishes reference, documentary, analytical, and narrative works on the history of the United States Navy.


The Center for Military History records the official history of the Army in both peace and war, while advising the Army Staff on relevant historical matters and is one of the major publishers of military history in the world. The site has an Online Bookshelf, with selected research materials on the ...


The Army Heritage and Education Center (AHEC) began in June of 1999 by the Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera, who was committed to pursuing an Army museum at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. The overall mission is dedicated to the heritage of the Army. The project is a means of further improving the Army.