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Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Libraries


The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, located in Monterey, California, specializes in training and supporting linguists for the Defense Department and other federal agencies. Their Resources page offers a collection of links to materials in more than 20 languages from Amharic to Vietnamese. The resources include educational websites, online newspapers, ...

EDSITEment Foreign Languages


EDSITEment Foreign Languages is a collection of lesson plans for several different languages and grade levels, K-12. The general EDSITEment website is developed by the National Endowment for the Humanities and purports to offer "the best of the humanities on the web," pulling together resources from museums, libraries, universities and other sources. A related area within EDSITEment with additional lesson plans is

Foreign Language Resource Centers


The U.S. Department of Education funds these centers, of which there are 15 nationwide. The Department's Program Description states that the centers are to "serve as resources for improving the nation's capacity for teaching and learning foreign languages."

The home page for the Program is operated by Michigan State University's Center for Language Education and Research, and there are similiar centers around the country.


Interagency Language Roundtable


The Interagency Language Roundtable is an interagency organization established for the coordination and sharing of information about language-related activities at the Federal level. The Roundtable offers skill level definitions used to evaluate language proficiencies, an archive of professional papers on language study and teaching, and links to related resources, including jobs sites in related agencies.

Peace Corps WorldWise Schools Language Lessons


The Peace Corps offers these Lessons, used by the Agency's volunteers, to the public in MP3 format. Listen online or subscribe to them as podcasts. (The website gives directions for downloading the podcasts.) Transcripts of the lessons are also available as PDF files. There are only a few languages represented in the lessons, but there are also broader themes addressed, such as the challenges in learning new languages. Resources related to different parts of the world, that would support langua ...