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Embassy of the United States in Baghdad, Iraq


Mainted by the United States Department of State, this is the offical site for the United States Embassy in Iraq. The site maintains press releases from the Enbassy as well as general information regarding related offices and departments .

Ryan Crocker was confirmed as Ambassador to Iraq on March 7, 2007. His speeches are available ...

Iraqi Government


The official web site for the current operating government of Iraq.

This site is in Arabic.

National Strategy for Victory in Iraq


Maintained by the White House as part of Policies in Focus: Renewal in Iraq , the National Strategy for Victory in Iraq details, "the broad strategy the President set forth in 2003 and provides an update on our progress as well as the challenges remaining."

This document was published November 30, 2005.

Report of the Independent Commission on the Security Forces of Iraq


This explanatory page from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) details the CSIS's participation in relation to the independent commission, and maintains three locational links to a PDF version of the Report.

This page also details the participating Commissioners.

Link: Independent Commission on the Security Forces of Iraq

The Coalition Provisional Authority


Discontinued after the dissolution of the CPA-Iraq Coalition, this site is an archival mirror of the original site for the Coalition Provisional Authority.

CPA-related News Releases, Briefings Transcripts, Weekly and other updates, Regulations, and documents of Governance are available here. Current information for the new sovereign Iraq may be found on the