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Embassy of the United States in Baghdad, Iraq


<p>Mainted by the United States Department of State, this is the offical site for the United States Embassy in Iraq. The site maintains <a href="http://iraq.usembassy.gov/iraq/press_releases.html" target="_blank">press releases</a> from the Enbassy as well as <a href="http://iraq.usembassy.gov/iraq/offices.html" target="_blank">general information regarding related offices and departments</a> .</p> <p>Ryan Crocker was confirmed as Ambassador to Iraq on March 7, 2007. His speeches are available ...

Iraqi Government


<p>The official web site for the <a href="http://www.iraqigovernment.org/" target="_blank" title="Government of Iraq">current operating government of Iraq</a>.</p> <p>This site is in Arabic.</p>

National Strategy for Victory in Iraq


<p>Maintained by the <a href="http://www.whitehouse.gov/" target="_blank">White House</a> as part of <a href="http://www.whitehouse.gov/infocus/iraq/" target="_blank">Policies in Focus: Renewal in Iraq</a> , the <em>National Strategy for Victory in Iraq</em> details, "the broad strategy the President set forth in 2003 and provides an update on our progress as well as the challenges remaining."</p> <p>This document was published November 30, 2005.</p> <p><a href="http://www.whitehouse.gov/infoc ...

Report of the Independent Commission on the Security Forces of Iraq


<p>This explanatory page from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) details the CSIS's participation in relation to the independent commission, and maintains <strong>three </strong>locational links to a PDF version of the Report.</p> <p>This page also details the participating Commissioners.</p> <p><span class="pathway"><strong>Link:</strong> <a href="http://www.csis.org/isf/" target="_blank">Independent Commission on the Security Forces of Iraq</a> </span></p> ...

The Coalition Provisional Authority


<p>Discontinued after the dissolution of the CPA-Iraq Coalition, <a href="http://www.cpa-iraq.org/" target="_blank" title="Coalition Provisional Authority">this site</a> is an archival mirror of the original site for the Coalition Provisional Authority.</p> <p>CPA-related News Releases, Briefings Transcripts, Weekly and other updates, Regulations, and documents of Governance are available here. Current information for the new sovereign Iraq may be found on the <a href="http://iraq.usembassy.gov ...