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Census Bureau


The U.S. Census Bureau is a well-known agency amongst genealogists. The statistics found on this website include the data derived from the information that the census takers asked our ancestors. These statistics can be useful for the family historian in placing their ancestors in a particular historical, social, or economic context.

The statistics from the decennial censuses can answer such questions as the number of people living where your ancestors lived, and prices of crops for th ...

National Agricultural Library (NAL)


The National Agricultural Library (NAL) has a Digital Repository http://naldr.nal.usda.gov/ of historic publications from the Department of Agriculture. Articles and illustrations from the 19th through the 20th centuries give an insight into how farmer ancestors may have lived. The advanced search option allows for retrieval of the most relevant publications: ...

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)


The National Archives has a great deal of valuable information for the genealogist and family historian. This is probably the most well-known agency to genealogists. NARA is the repository of our government's records, many of which include information about our ancestors. There is a whole section for genealogists and family historians.

NARA's magazine